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Things to know about Juke's Realm / Juke's XXX Passwords

Everything is within the links 

Heres a fake example of a Members website: JukesRealm

Generally xxx password  links on our site look like this:    JukesRealm
This means the username and password are embedded into the link, 
which makes it easier for you the visitors.

Rarely you will manually need to enter the username and password.

Remember 1000's of our visitors use the same passwords. So if you get a pop-up immediately or if you receive a warning pop-up that means the password is dead.  Telling us if a password has died is greatly appreciative, please email us


Well Juke was literally one of the first passwordmasters to create an xxx password site...  We have made a commitment of making the best password site out there. Through years of experience, we still manually check EVERY password we list. That includes a description of the website, just to let you know a little about what you are clicking on.  Manually checking websites is the ONLY way to make sure it isn't a bullshit website or a scam site. Many password sites out there are using an auto-password program....Well that doesn't check if the password is real or not.  Juke's Realm has been on tons of various servers, currently there's a few "copys" of his site.  These are all called "mirrors" and are all generally the same.


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